Smartwatch Benefits That Can Save Your Life Even Before You’re In Danger

Smartwatch Benefits That Can Save Your Life Even Before You’re In Danger

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Smartwatch benefits for your health.

Fashion accessory, tech gadget, timepiece, wrist candy—the smartwatch is called many things. But as you would know, we now have quite a few killer features in many of the really hyped smartwatches.

But still, at the end of the day whether you’re 18 or 80, health is wealth, right or not?

But you must also be thinking how can a watch be so amazing sia? Relax la, sit back and let me take you through.

1: You snooze, get a health boost

“Good sleep, good mood”, you feel me? It’s also how you can have good health, too, you know? With special sensors, smartwatches track your sleep patterns by measuring your heart rate and movement, even when your pattern more than badminton. You also can get a bunch of native apps such as Apple Health, or Samsung Health that come with these devices such as the Apple Watch Series 6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. These apps will regularly report to you how you’re really sleeping.

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2: Don’t be a sitting duck

Much in the same way your smartwatch would be able to track your sleep, smartwatches can also keep track of your daily activities. If you’re like me, always damn nua, a smartwatch would be useful to remind you to get up and move around to stretch those legs a bit.

3: Oh, my giddy heart

Now we talk about the serious stuff: your heart, especially when it comes to your folks at home. Apart from the obvious benefit of tracking your heart rate with the heart rate monitor, some smartwatches can trigger a warning if it thinks you might be going into cardiac arrest; buying you precious time to get to an A&E department before you actually get a heart attack. (TOUCH WOOD)

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4: Hold your breath

Knowing how well you’re taking in air is just as important as how well your heart’s beating. I was so amazed last year when Apple announced that the latest Apple Watch actually tells you your blood oxygen content by measuring the colour of your blood to detect problems in your breathing and circulation. That’s pretty tok-gong if you ask me.

5: Somebody call 9-1-1 (or in our case, 9-9-5)

What if, one day, God forbid, you have an accident, and no help is in sight. Smartwatches like the Apple Watch (Series 4 or later) and the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 will automatically contact emergency services when they detect that the wearer has experienced an impact (such as by falling, or a crash). It even pings the emergency contact with the wearer’s location to alert them, and that could be the difference in getting you to the hospital in time.

Switching to a smartwatch: In conclusion

Smartwatches have definitely come a long way since their introduction in the early 2010s. With features that monitor our health and give us reminders on how to keep fit, smartwatches deserve to be a permanent fixture on the wrists of your loved ones.

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