8 Spy Gadgets You Can Buy In Real Life To Be The Next James Bond

8 Spy Gadgets You Can Buy In Real Life To Be The Next James Bond

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Spy gadgets on Amazon including drones, hidden camera detectors and more.

James Bond has always been one of my favourite heroes growing up. From his suave personality to cool gadgets, everything about him is just inspiring. As I was watching No Time To Die, I imagined myself being trapped like in the movie and wondered how I’d escape. Turns out you don’t even need Q to supply multi-million spy gadgets. 007-worthy spy gadgets are easily available on sites like from just $20! Plus, if you have Amazon Prime, you can even get free international delivery for some of these items.

Now that Daniel Craig is out of the picture, maybe I’ll submit my application to M and be an even better 007 with these 8 spy gadgets. 😎🔏

1. Military Tactical Pen Set

While it’s not exactly the pen gun you see in spy movies, this tactical pen set can still help you out in tough situations, whether you’re being trapped in a vehicle or trying to escape Dr. No’s island. The pen has a sturdy aluminium alloy body, allowing it to withstand high drops. The top of it is made of tungsten carbide, so you can smash glass with it to escape emergency situations.

The best part is that you can still bring the pen on board a plane and use it to protect yourself if anything bad happens.

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2. Tello Mini Drone

Drones are used to scope out the villain’s secret hideout in movies,  but please don’t be a villain IRL by using them to spy on your neighbour! Instead, you can use the Tello Mini Drone to take nice ultrawide pictures or shoot videos from far away. This particular model has 13 minutes of flight time, leaving you with plenty of opportunities to shoot aesthetic videos.

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3. Portable Electric Air Pump

You don’t need to own an Aston Martin to put this portable pump to good use. You can inflate a variety of tyres such as bicycles, cars, and trucks or even use it on basketballs and swimming inflatables. After all, every spy needs to relax and recharge once in a while. The device also has an LED screen so that you can inflate your tools with spy-like precision.

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4. Key Ring Knife

Being held against your will by a tall, brutish minion? Simply whip this out from your pocket and defend yourself! Even if you’re not in a life-or-death scenario, the key ring knife is useful in your daily tasks such as unboxing parcels, splitting pills, and opening bottles. To prevent injuries, the ring also comes with a removable cap!



5. Hidden Camera Detector

Just like James Bond, you might come across a supervillain with his own set of hidden cameras to spy on unsuspecting victims. To avoid such situations, you can use this detector to pick out hidden cameras in hotel rooms, public toilets and more. Simply click the button to activate the LED lights, point them to where you suspect the hidden camera is, and look through the viewfinder to see if there’s a camera there. 

Voila! You just became a real-life James Bond and saved people from being potential Peeping Tom victims.

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6. Safety Belt Ladder

James Bond constantly finds himself jumping off buildings to catch the bad guys. You, on the other hand, might one day find yourself needing to jump off a building in the event of a fire or an earthquake. 

If that happens, this ladder-belt will be useful in ensuring your safety. Simply find an anchor and scale down the building. Made with top-quality polyester and resin with a high breaking strength, the ladder can be used by both adults and children, and can be easily stored without taking much space.

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7. Night Driving Glasses

Unlike in the movies, you don’t need oversized eyewear to achieve night vision in real life. These sleek tinted driving glasses can be wrapped around your existing spectacles, so that you can see clearly even when it’s foggy or dark. As a result, it’s easier to drive once dusk hits.

There are even side lenses for glare protection and better peripheral vision against incoming traffic and headlights, all of which are useful when you wanna chase bad guys in the night!

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8. Fingerprint Padlock

I use lockpads on a lot of my items and one of my biggest fears is that a supergenius can figure out my combination and uncover my “TOP SECRET” files. That’s why this fingerprint lockpad is super useful as it can’t be unlocked through trial and error. Your unique fingerprint is the key and THAT can’t be stolen. You don’t even need to charge them continuously – just charge it once and the battery can last a year on standby and be unlocked over 3000 times.

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Unlock your inner James Bond with these spy gadgets

Daniel Craig may be gone but you can still carry on his legacy with these cool spy gadgets. Speaking of spying, if you need to track your elderly parents, check out these tracking devices that will pinpoint exactly where they are!

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