Types Of Korean Boyfriends You Can Date On Viu

Types Of Korean Boyfriends You Can Date On Viu

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Watch multiple types of korean drama oppas on Viu.

As someone who loves K-dramas, buying a Viu subscription was probably the smartest thing I did. Once the holidays started, I honestly haven’t left the house. Who needs Tinder and social interactions when you can stare at thousands of oppas on your screen?

The best part is that with so many shows available, I can “date” multiple types of guys depending on my mood that day. Bad boys. Rich chaebols. Funny guys. You name it, I got it. Let me show off some of my Viu-tiful boyfriends!

1. The Bad Boy
Lee Seung Gi, Mouse

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Image source: Viu

Let’s face it: we’ve all had a crush on a bad boy at some point in our lives. However, Lee Seung Gi’s character in Mouse takes it to a whole new level. He plays Jung Ba Reum, a police officer who will go through all lengths to catch a serial killer.

That is, until it’s revealed that HE’S the serial killer and has been masquerading as a good guy for half the show! My mind was absolutely blown by the plot twist, and Lee Seung Gi’s stellar acting made me root for the bad guy and fall for him.

In fact, it awoke a desire in me to see him in more bad boy roles. This brings us to A Korean Odyssey where Lee Seung Gi plays the Monkey King – a character that’s technically a good guy but highly mischievous.

2. The Second Male Lead
Wi Ha Joon, 18 Again

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Image source: JTBC

The Second Lead Syndrome is a trope that’s plagued K-dramas for time immemorial. It’s when the audience roots for the supporting male lead even though he’s doomed to fail in his quest for the female lead’s heart. Think Yoon Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers and Han Ji Pyeong in Start-Up.

Thankfully, all second leads are winners of my heart. Just ask Wi Ha Joon. He plays the biggest baseball star in 18 Again but unfortunately, he falls in love with the female lead. Even though he fails, he’s lucky as he still has me to comfort him.

If Wi Ha Joon looks familiar to you, maybe it’s because you’ve seen him in this year’s mega hit, Squid Game! He acted as the policeman who was trying to find his brother.

3. The Funny Guy
Lee Kwang Soo, Running Man

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Image source: @masijacoke850714

Humour is the sexiest trait a man can have, and no one embodies “funny guy” better than Lee Kwang Soo from Running Man. Dubbed “The Prince of Asia” for his immense popularity, Kwang Soo has it all: humour, height, and looks. 

He’s not afraid to act the fool for the camera and his luck is infamously bad. I will always laugh at the clip of him trying to sing The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Unfortunately, he had to retire from Running Man this year due to an injury. Nonetheless, Kwang Soo will forever be a part of my harem. After all, if I ever need to laugh, I can just play past seasons of Running Man on Viu.

4. The Old-But-Gold
Gong Yoo, Goblin

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Image source: Viu

I swear I don’t have daddy issues but if I had to date an older guy, it would definitely be Gong Yoo. Despite his age, the actor still looks young and carries himself well. His popularity skyrocketed after the movie, Train to Busan, and continued on with Goblin.

In the show, he plays an immortal goblin who needs to find his bride to remove the sword from his chest. His earnestness definitely won me over and I’ll definitely pull his sword any day.

5. The Bufflord
Namgoong Min, The Veil

korean drama oppa

Image source: Viu

We stan a guy who treats his body like a temple, and Namgoong Min is one of them. The actor went through a dramatic transformation to play a secret agent in The Veil by packing on muscles. Some of the crazy stuff he did included going to the gym multiple times a day and changing to a protein-rich diet.

Just by looking at those arms, you can tell that his effort did not go to waste. Every day, I wrap my bolsters around me just so I can imagine what his arms feel like around me. Curious to see how Namgoong Min looked like pre-transformation? Just watch his old shows The Undateables and Awaken on Viu.

6. The Uniformed Man
Song Joong Ki, Descendants Of The Sun

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Image source: Viu

Watching Song Joong Ki in Descendants of the Sun made me #throwback to my secondary school days when I would ogle at the NCC boys. We all naturally feel secure around uniformed men as we know they’re disciplined and strong. Plus, the way their uniform complements their toned bodies is just 👌.

In the show, Joong Ki plays the captain of an elite special forces team who falls in love with a surgeon. Unfortunately, their love is thwarted by the requirements of their jobs. I won’t spoil how it ends but let’s just say I’m dying to be a surgeon now.

7. The Shy Guy
Park Bo Gum, Reply 1988

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Image source: Viu

We need a sensitive king in our lives, and Park Bo Gum’s portrayal of a silent and shy baduk player in Reply 1988 has made me appreciate awkward men. At the start of the show, Park Bo Gum’s character, Choi Taek, can barely string a sentence. However, through the magic of character development, he ends up having the BIGGEST glow-up in K-drama history.

This show is also a testament to Park Bo Gum’s diverse range – one that’s allowed him to clinch multiple awards. In his follow-up show, Encounter, Park Bo Gum plays a character that’s the exact opposite of Taek – a free-spirited man who enjoys a simple life.

8. The Patient One
Yeo Jin Goo, Hotel Del Luna

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Image source: Viu

Let’s face it: us girls can get a lil’ cranky sometimes which is why it’s great to have a boyfriend who’s patient and understanding. However, Yeo Jin Goo’s character in Hotel Del Luna brings it up all the way to Level 100 as he puts up with the whims of IU’s character. These include, but are not limited to, threatening to kill someone with a rifle, asking to be carried up a long flight of stairs and more.

Nonetheless, it’s heartwarming to see Yeo Jin Goo’s character perform his duties with little to no complaints. Makes me believe that there’s someone out who’ll put up with my nonsense. Oh wait, if I can imagine it, it’ll come true!

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These 8 actors are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the hotties you can see on Viu. In fact, I haven’t even included my boyfriends from anime shows, Chinese dramas, Thai programmes and more.

If you’re looking to get into the action, you can head to Viu now to catch most of their programmes for free. If you prefer watching your oppas ad-free, consider getting a Viu Premium subscription from just $7.98/month!

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