Unker, Use PayNow Lah! Don’t Use Cash Already!

Unker, Use PayNow Lah! Don’t Use Cash Already!

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Join the cashless revolution with PayNow.

With the cost of living in 2021, how many times have you ever thought to yourself, “eh, siao liao, need to go and draw money!”

But what if I told you, there might be the day that this is no longer a problem?

Going Cashless Meme

Going contactless has become something everyone is picking up at a faster rate. From checking in to shopping malls, to receiving money from someone else, it almost seems like the days where we do any sort of exchange digitally might finally be here. 

Apart from helping keep our community safe from the invisible enemy, one key, useful feature this has provided us in our day-to-day living has to be paying for stuff. 

On top of that, our gahmen has been actively promoting the transition to cashless transactions, reiterating our intentions to be at the forefront towards becoming a truly Smart Nation. 

“But how ah?”, one might ask, and more pertinently, “Safe or not?”. The short answer: it’s simple and very safe. For one, it already reduces your need for physical contact with others, keeping you safe from the virus. But more pertinently, your finances would be just as safe. 

Let me explain.

Here’s my number, so PayNow me, baby 

Gone are the days where transferring money involving the tedious use of an impossible-to-remember string of numbers was the only way. Instead, we can now use the number we use every day—our phone numbers.

Let’s walk you through step by step on how to get started:

i) Fire up your preferred banking/payment app. This can usually be found on the main menu once you log in to your account.

go cashless with banking apps

You’ll find PayNow or Pay/Transfer buttons on your banking app’s homescreen.

To start, tap on either the PayNow or Pay/Transfer button to access the PayNow functionality on your respective apps, depending on the bank you’re using this service with.

go cashless with banking apps

ii) You can then register using your phone number or NRIC/FIN details to work with your selected bank account.

go cashless with banking apps

You’ll be sent an OTP via SMS to confirm your registration, and you’ll be able to start sending and receiving money this way!

iii) Next, to start sending money, tap on the PayNow button on the app again, and look for the contact you want to send money to, input your amount, and hit send. 

It really is that easy! 

Note: We’ve used the screengrabs from the DBS Digibank app in this example, but don’t worry, the steps would be mostly similar across the various participating banks!

Safer than your safe deposit box

There is really no cause for concern regarding the safety of this platform as it already contains multiple layers of safeguards to keep out anyone attempting to draw money from your account illegally.

In fact, PayNow provides an additional layer of safety by letting you check the recipient’s details before sending. What this means is that you know who you sent the money to, ensuring you can still ask for your money back in case you sent it to the wrong person like a blur sotong. 

Moreover, instant notifications also let you know if anyone else with details to your account might be trying to dip into the cookie jar for some extra pocket money.

paying with digital banking apps like PayNow

Image source: Unsplash

In short, does this mean I don’t need cash anymore? 

Well, I did say that there might be a day we don’t need it anymore. As more people start to adopt the technology, digital payments will start becoming part of our daily lives in the not too distant future.

The moral of the story: Don’t suaku already, start going cashless today! 

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