Side Hustle Your Way To Extra Income

Side Hustle Your Way To Extra Income

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Learn ways to supplement your monthly income.

It’s been called many things: “side hustles”, “side jobs”, “part-time jobs”, “freelancing”. Whatever you call it, having some extra pocket money on top of your monthly pay certainly has its perks. You can save up for a rainy day or use it to pay off expenses and bills. But before dollar signs start twinkling in your eyes, let me take you through some courtesy rules…

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Let’s set a few ground rules

  1. Remember, this is NOT your primary job. So, let’s be professional and not do anything between office hours. What you do after, it’s your business, literally!
  2. Do not boast or publicise too much. Your employers may not like it. Your dedication or professionalism may be called into question. So, best to keep a low profile.
  3. If your office explicitly states no freelancing or side jobs, it is better to adhere to it. You don’t want to lose your permanent job because of the side job. 
  4. Don’t do the side jobs at the expense of your health – meaning don’t take on too much and stress yourself out.

I have compiled some interesting real-life examples and also a list of side jobs you can take up.

Making dough for more cash

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This pandemic has unfurled a phenomenon: people with baking skills are making extra income by being part-time home bakers. Yes, do it if you have the skills. And did you know that home bakers can use their homes for this purpose, without requiring a licence? Yes, we have heard success stories of some part-time bakers opening up their own brick-and-mortar stores after being overwhelmingly successful. I know of a friend BL who holds down a full-time job and bakes for extra income. Here’s his account:

“I try not to take orders during weekdays. So I take orders from Friday and I actually start baking from Friday night to Sunday. That way, I don’t interfere with office work from 9 to 5 each day. But of course, if I have many orders over the week, I will take leave. I have plenty of leave, thanks to the pandemic.”
– BL

Maid to Order

side hustle maid to order

Even maids have gotten into the act. Of course, with the blessings of their employer. Nothing illegal here as it’s not like you’re leasing them out to another household. But there’s this enterprising maid who makes extra moolah at night! No, it’s not what you are thinking. 

This IT-savvy maid sells stuff online, to fellow maids. Simple business model – she buys stuff in bulk and sells to other maids for a profit. Her employer I spoke to, Mrs Low, said:

“I encourage her. Even if it’s $50–$100 a month, it’s a lot to them. After all, they come here to make a living, every cent is precious to them to send back to their families. My point is, if the maid can do it, so can you."
– Mrs Low

Do the write thing

side hustle do the write thing

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Freelance writing is a very common side job. Those of you who write for a living will attest to that. And with the pandemic, your delivery is all digital, even your payment. So, it’s a case of little effort, more pocket money!

“I will only accept jobs during lull periods in my regular work. I don’t want to have added stress by taking on more than I can chew.”
– KWS advertising copywriter

20 side jobs to give you extra income

  1. Home baking
  2. Home sewing
  3. Mystery shopper
  4. Dog walker/pet sitter
  5. Personal weekend chef
  6. Part-time jobs
  7. Freelance designer/writer
  8. Part-time photographer
  9. Tuition (academic and musical)
  10. Sell online (crafts, jewellery, etc)
  11. Proofreader/translator
  12. Babysitter
  13. Part-time cleaner
  14. Petrol station attendant
  15. Participate in focus groups
  16. Personal shopper
  17. Be an “extra” at Mediacorp
  18. Work part-time at a call centre
  19. Part-time interior designer
  20. Personal butler

Let me end with a side note (see what I did here? ☺). Side hustles give us an opportunity to make full use of the gifts and skills that we have to earn extra income. That’s not a bad thing at all. But remember rule number 1: Don’t do it at the expense of your day job. Don’t be penny- wise-pound-foolish! Good luck! 

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