Gift The Gift Of Laughter This Holiday

Gift The Gift Of Laughter This Holiday

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21 gift ideas under $21 to wrap up 2021.

It’s that time of the year to hunt for holiday gifts. 🎁 Personally, I love it when the Tng family adds something festive and quirky to my fishbowl like stickers and ornaments.

While we can always get thoughtful presents for those who matter, the best ones are sometimes the wackiest. Impractical though some may seem, laughter could be our best gift for 2021. But no need to scratch your head for good ideas, here’s my top 21 under $21 from Shopee Singapore! 🛍️

1. Hands Finger Gloves

Smol hands that slip over the fingers are just what pet owners need. To pet, knead, massage, boop or simply to kacau their furkids for fun. 


From $0.99

2. Chopper Mobile Phone Cases

Made of realistic-looking plastic, these protective mobile cases are so fierce-looking, anyone would think twice before messing with their owners. Chop, chop, get them for your garang buddies before they all fly off the shelves!



3. Reusable Mouth Masks

Let jokesters indulge in some harmless fun while keeping everybody safe from viruses. These cheeky coverings are guaranteed to elicit chuckles from others, without them even opening their mouths. 😷 


From $2.34

4. Refillable Acne Squeezer

This nose is equal parts ewwww… and equal parts ahhhh… Made to satisfy the obsession of popaholics, just pinch the honker and watch pus ooze out of its pores. Can refill and squeeze again and again.


From $10.42

5. Hair Wig Caps

Your friends who are manga and anime fans will absolutely go wild over these wicked wigs that allow them to cosplay to their heart’s content.


From $4.58

6. Party Sunglasses

Gift your entire squad these zany sunglasses to jazz up virtual parties or make any video meeting less of a snooze fest.


From $1.37

7. Drinking Tube Glasses

Who knew drinking could be this entertaining? Distribute these tubes to fun lovers, so they can watch their drink swirl around their eyes, as they sip it. Imagine how amusing imbibing bubble tea would be!


From $0.75

8. Rock Paper Scissors Game

Some couples or siblings are constantly arguing about whose turn it is to do the chores. Pass them a pair of these to settle any disputes easily.


From $0.68

9. 3D Animal Bookmarks

We all know how painful it is to read certain books (especially if they’re super-thick textbooks on subjects you hate). These poor animals feel the same too, when kiaped 🔖 between those pages. Great gifts especially for students or bookworms. Please just don’t get the fish one.


From $4.56

10. Singapore Style Keychains

Nothing exemplifies local pride more than made-in-Singapore designs! Buy a bunch to hand out to everyone. You’ll be supporting our local economy too! 🇸🇬


From $3.90

11. Chip Clips

These bag sealers must have been inspired by the voracious snacking habits of couch potatoes. Bag a few for those who are always crunching on munchies.


From $0.85

12. Food Hair Accessories

Foodies would relish these delish-looking adornments, even if a passing auntie or uncle tsks that they’ve got food stuck in their hair.


From $2.02

13. Shark Hair Band

Give selfie lovers 🤳🏻 something dramatic to shoot for their next post! This adorable shark hair band fits most girls and guys.


From $1.34

14. Lobster Slippers

Lobsters need not only be a treat for special occasions. These slippers can be enjoyed daily by adults and children. Perfect as matching gifts for an entire family. Just don’t put them near my bowl, tolong.


From $13.05

15. Bread Shaped Cushions

Stuffed with PP cotton, these French baguettes 🥖 can be used as a comfy pillow, bolster or back cushion. Available in different sizes for users big and small.


From $3.80

16. Human Face Anti-Stress Balls

Help peeps who are constantly stressed to vent their emotions with these squishy human heads. They can be pinched, pressed, thrown, hurled, knocked or trampled on. Comes with four different faces in a set of black or white.



17. Lie Detector Console

If you have friends who enjoy playing 🕵🏻‍♂️🕵🏻detective, why not get them their very own polygraph for fun? The virtual current generated by this toy lie detector does not harm the body. Plus it features a soundtrack to generate more tension for players.



18. Yell Ding Dong Floor Mat

Any homeowner with a sense of humour will appreciate this welcome mat to prank visitors. Made of rubber with a slip-resistant surface on the underside.



19. Bluetooth Headset Speaker

Techies will go gaga over this oversized earbud that’s actually a battery-operated wireless speaker – with four playback modes, an FM radio and a hands-free call microphone.



20. Wife Mom Boss Tee

With this t-shirt, there’s no arguing who’s always in charge. A fab gift idea for Uncle Tng and the kids to give Umommy.



21. Ninja Disguise Tee

With a concealed design printed on the underside, this flipover t-shirt is bound to catch anyone off guard, especially when revealed with just one killer move. Recommended only for recipients with highly toned bodies. 



Start shopping early!

To avoid the disappointment of popular products getting sold out, make your purchases soon. It’s okay to be kiasu once in a while. We’re Singaporeans after all. 😜 Happy gifting!

When I last checked, all information and prices were correct at the time of publishing. But please note that they may change without notice from Shopee Singapore. Supersoup may earn a commission (small one only lah) for products purchased through links in this article. If you want, can read our full privacy policy here.

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