6 Reasons Why Car Sharing Is Better Than Owning A Car

6 Reasons Why Car Sharing Is Better Than Owning A Car

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Car sharing in Singapore.

We all want to own a car in Singapore. Because why not, right? You don’t have to squeeze like siao on the MRT during peak hour, or stand under the hot sun while waiting for your Grab to come. But with the cost of living going up, along with petrol, road tax, ERP, insurance and the dreaded COE, sometimes the thought of living with a car makes me sweat already. That’s why, I think we’ve got a solution bubbling right below our noses—car sharing. 

1. You don’t have to live with the pains of owning a car

Couple charging their electric rental car

Image credit: @bluesg.carsharing

Owning a car entails many expenses. With the growing number of service providers that offer car sharing, you get the convenience of owning a car without having to worry about things such as maintenance and parking. 

After all, petrol is provided by the car sharing services. Should you ever receive a car that’s low on petrol, you can top it up yourself, and file a claim to be reimbursed. 

Parking is also fixed for you. With assigned lots for the cars, as well as the option to book a slot in advance at your destination, you can say goodbye to those nervy rides round and round the same car park.

2. You only pay if you use

Paying for Car Sharing

Image credit: @GetGoSG

The main headache of owning a car comes from the monetary aspect of the upkeep of the car. With car sharing, you don’t have to worry about that. Unlike traditional “rental” services, you don’t lose out by having to pay for the whole day, only to use it for 3 hours. 

BlueSG does have subscription plans from $8 per month, but the costs are still pretty much lower than frequently taking Grab. GetGo, on the other hand, costs $2 per hour which is handy for those going on short supper trips.

3. Booking very easy one

Friends seated in a rented car

Image credit: @bluesg.carsharing

With services like GetGo and BlueSG, you simply need to download their respective apps, and you’re good to go! 

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll have to sign up for an account, which usually requires you to take a photo of your IC or driver’s license. Once your account is approved, the car sharing apps will display all the stations with available cars, and you can start booking your rides! 

Do remember to read the T&Cs of your car sharing app as some offer point A to point A services, where your rental only ends when you return the car to your start point, while others offer point A to point B services. 

4. There’s a huge community that offers support and help

Community of Car Sharing

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One of the biggest plus points of car sharing is that communities have sprouted around the shared experience of this unique travel option. People can easily ask for help in car sharing groups, and some even jio each other out for late night suppers.

In a way, it’s almost like having an extended family look out for each other.

5. You are still covered by insurance

Car sharing services either offer some basic level of insurance to safeguard you from taking a hit to your wallet should you damage the car in an accident (choy!). Services like GetGo also allow you to increase your coverage with a small additional premium on top of your rental fees, taking small pains, big gains to another level.

6. You’re actually helping the environment

BlueSG’s cute little cars are actually 100% electric, meaning they have zero emissions and do not pollute the air. This helps make our garden city a little bit greener. 

Even using the cars from GetGo or Tribecar helps reduce Singapore’s overall carbon footprint as the number of cars on the road is lowered.

Using car sharing services in Singapore

From low costs to its environment-friendliness, car sharing has loads of perks. No need to worry about road tax, insurance or COE. Don’t even need to worry about parking! Shiok right? 

But hor, ERP will still charge, so don’t forget to put cashcard or EZ-Link ah!

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