Shoes Wisely – Tips For Choosing The Best Shoes For Seniors

Shoes Wisely – Tips For Choosing The Best Shoes For Seniors

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Choosing the right shoes for seniors.

Old liao, what vanity? Comfort better lah. I know you all youngsters wear nice shoes, but sacrifice comfort in order to look stylo-milo. But I tell you ah, for older people, comfortable shoes come first for many reasons. The No. 1 reason is health (read: preventing falls).

Why is it is so important to choose the right footwear for seniors ah?

Variety comfortable shoes

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Let me tell you more about your feet to understand more fully. As we age hor, our feet goes through biological changes. After donkey years of walking, we lose the fat protection on the bottom of our feet. This leads to the heel pressing firmly on the ground. In turn, the heel becomes painful and sore, resulting in a heel spur which can hurt quite badly. The shape of your feet can also change drastically as you age such as flat feet, claw toes and other foot problems due to weak muscles. See? Now you understand or not? Feet health cannot take for granted one!

Secondly and more “siong”, older folks like me sure kena lifestyle diseases, like diabetes, arthritis and hypertension or high blood. How to fight all these? Go for a walk lor. And to walk properly, you need what? Good shoes lor! Ill-fitting and the wrong type of shoes will create yet another problem – falls and foot injuries. And one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent a fall is to change the type of shoes you wear lor. Old people fall hor, damn jialat one… break bones lah, break hips lah. Haiyah, damn “cham” one hor

Choose your shoes properly hor

Happiness in having comfortable shoes

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Don’t underestimate the importance of a good pair of shoes. Good shoes can give you the grounding you need to help with balance and also help prevent a fall. Understand? 

Here’s a simple checklist for choosing a pair of good shoes for seniors.

  1. The Number 1 rule is: They should be lightweight, secure on the feet, and comfortable.
  2. Press the heels on both sides of the shoe to ensure the heel is stiff and won't collapse under your weight. 
  3. Your shoes should be secure around your heels, and have space at the end of your toes. And it shouldn’t be able to slip off without untying laces or straps. Very important for old people who cannot bend down easily. 
  4. Then hor, bend the whole shoe to check for toe flexibility. It shouldn't bend too much in the toe area. But neither should it be too hard/stiff and inflexible.  
  5. Make sure the shoe wraps around all parts of your feet comfortably. Does it fit the ball of your feet? Is the arch comfortable for you? Do your toes feel crushed? Remember hor, don’t need to look “swee”. 
  6. Bring socks to try the shoe. Don’t be shy to walk around the store – don’t just take a couple of steps, walk! 
  7. Make sure got flat sole and no need heels lah. It’s not a fashion parade!
  8. Sole friction is also important, because you don’t want to slip on a wet day. 
  9. If you don't feel comfortable in the shoe, don’t buy! It has to feel comfortable and when it wraps around your feet. There is no such thing as “Oh, it’s ok, I wear until it is soft”.
  10. If you not sure, go see a podiatrist – a foot doctor lah. They will advise you on the right shoes, or better – make one just right for your feet! Plus, if you got any foot problem, the foot doctor can help you one!  

So, remember hor. Shoe don’t need to look like fashion show. As long as safe and comfortable, can already!

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