Erectile Dysfunction and Other Male Sexual Problems

Erectile Dysfunction and Other Male Sexual Problems

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Common male sexual problems and how to overcome them.

Ok men, don’t shy, don’t shy. Not all of us can be Macho Man (remember him from WWE?). At one time or another, and as we grow older, men will surely experience one, or if you dam ‘suay’, all of these dysfunctions: ejaculation problems, erectile dysfunction, and shrinking libido as a result of lower testosterone. Let’s explore them and come UP with solutions (heh heh pun fully intended!).

What causes male sexual problems? You think it’s punishment from God ah? No lah. Male sexual dysfunction is real and it can take these two forms:

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Stress plays a major part. I drive Grab, sure got stress (hint hint). Particularly work-related stress and anxiety. Also, performance anxiety, feelings of guilt and relationship problems with the spouse. You could say what happens up there, affects what’s down there. 


No, we’re not talking about your “tools” being spoilt, but existing medical and health conditions that can affect sexual functions. These are heart problems, hormone imbalance, diabetes, defective blood vessels, plus some medications e.g. anti-depressants can also affect sexual functions and desire.

Let’s now take a look at the most common problems

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Hi, my name is ED

A.k.a. Erectile Dysfunction. This dreaded two-letter word affects mostly men from their forties onwards. ED occurs when not enough blood flows to the ‘Ahem’, thus causing an inability to have an erection. Unfortunately, some marriages are affected by this condition, so have a little sympathy, don’t be so hard on these men. Get it?    

Shoot first, ask questions later

Then there’s the brother of ED – Ejaculation Disorders. This time, there are different types of ejaculation disorders in men, including the most common one Premature Ejaculation, which is a condition where a man ejaculates before or soon after penetration. Next is Inhibited Ejaculation: this is when ejaculation is so slow your partner falls asleep! Lastly, there’s Retrograde Ejaculation: this occurs when the sperms rush back into the bladder instead of coming through the urethra and out of the “ahem”. 

Low, low libido

For some, it’s just their nature. But for active men, it’s a serious thing! While the loss of libido or sexual desire increases with age and andropause (the male equivalent of menopause), some younger men experience it prematurely. The main culprits are low levels of the hormone testosterone, physical or psychological factors and certain medications. 

Heads up men, there is hope

It’s OK, don’t gan-cheong lah. There’s some good news: many of these sexual dysfunctions can be corrected. And a lot has to do with treating the underlying factors. Let’s look at the treatments:

  • The little blue pill and such:
    ons, such as Viagara, Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn or Stendra, will come to the rescue. These meds help increase blood flow to the “ahem”. For premature ejaculation, there’s Promescent. Simply spray onto the “ahem” and sensitivity will be reduced, paving the way for more control over ejaculation. Just don’t buy the illegal ones in Geylang!
  • Go see your Doc:
    Some issues may be purely medical. So a visit to your doctor may expose any physical problem that may be the cause of your sexual dysfunction. Don’t shy if you want some “action”. 
  • It’s all in the head:
    As I said earlier, some of these problems are psychological. Go to a trained counsellor. They can help you address some of these feelings of anxiety, fear, or guilt that may have an impact on sexual function.
  • Get a helping hand:
    Aiyah, they are not toys. But mechanical devices that could help – for instance a vacuum pump and penile implants. All these help with erectile dysfunction. Remember, there is nothing shameful about using them! 
  • Get your hormones up:
    If you are diagnosed with low levels 
    of testosterone, you can benefit from testosterone replacement therapy. Regular strength training including lifting weights also help to elevate levels. 
  • Communication:
    Don’t worry, don’t feel like you are all alone to deal with your problems. Just go and read more about your condition and you may find practical ways to reverse it. Talk to your wife or partner. Talking will help you handle and overcome your problems. 

I tell you, don’t worry too much, there is more to life than sex. Handle your problems head-on and things will look up for you. Ok ah, steady ah

P.S. This is not a personal account hor. I just share, share!

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