About Us

Whoever said life starts at 40, deserves an extra chicken wing in their nasi lemak, because it’s true. Minus the random aches and pains, and wondering why the words on menus these days are so small!

While SOME of us may deny we need reading glasses, we all can agree this is just the start of the good life. SuperSoup is where we go for inspiration to live our best years—to be challenged, to learn, to grow, to be better. But just because we are older, doesn’t mean we know everything. So this is where we get wiser, exchange ideas, and support one another. Real issues, enriched by shared experiences, served from the heart, authentic and digestible (‘cos, you know, some people, their stomach very sensitive). 

It’s just like a good soup that nourishes and fills you up.

Meet the TNG Family

Our nourishing content is brewed by the loving but dysfunctional Tng family. After all, it takes all kinds of ingredients to make a soup really rich. Let’s meet them:

Grandpa Tng Chin Sio

Often calling himself “Old but Gold”, this Octogenarian mainly stays in the background, but once in a while, he contributes a gem or two.

Uncle Tng Ho Lim

The Patriach of the Tng family, Uncle Tng is a Grab driver with the gift of the gab. He’s loud, always trying to help and still uses the terms “Internet” and “Chat room”. As he sees himself as an experienced man of the world, he’s often sharing his worldly views, whether you are interested or not.


The family’s pillar of strength, affectionately called Umommy by the kids because she makes the best umami soups! Soft-spoken, generous and giving, she’s the official peacemaker of the family, helping to hold things together when times are bad.

Collagen Cathy

A Millennial who practically lives on Instagram. Digitally savvy, this uni-undergrad has shopped in almost every possible online shopping site from A to Z. But her street-smartness is not matched by her laziness. She knows a lot, and keeps her pulse on the hood.

Bobby Broth

The eldest of the Tng family. Smart, buff, responsible, and very single. Bobby works in IT in the civil service and is a loyal son, brother and friend. Like his father, he is always brewing with ideas and his greatest wish is to be an entrepreneur one day.

Miss Soh Kiam Chye

The Tng’s immediate neighbour. A spinster of 50, she is gossipy, extremely nosey and is always poking into the personal affairs of others.

Mr Yam Tong

Muscular, jovial and suave, the long-time family friend of the Tngs is a widower and retired civil servant. In fact, he was Ho Lim’s army buddy as they ORD-ed together. Mr Yam Tong loves to hang out with the Tngs whenever he can. 

Fish Ball

Named for its round shape, Fish Ball spend its time busy-ing itself by swimming from one end of the bowl to the next. Wait, there’s no end in a round bowl! Oh well, that’s what it does. And oh, Fish Ball never sleeps because Catchup is always trying to eat it.